5 Reasons Musicians are THE BEST Teammates for your Startup

Looking around me I see a disproportionate percentage of musicians at EverythingMe, so I stopped and asked myself — Why musicians? Why so many?

The best.

* The writer of this post is a musician, music plays a lead role in her life, so she might be a little biased.


Music = Art = Creativity. I don’t need to explain this, right? In art, you create something out of nothing, so you think of the end result right from the first note. It takes inspiration and hard work. Have you ever seen the film Amadeus? Remember the part where he writes Confutatis? An entire partitur straight out of his head to the paper. While not all of us are Mozarts, we do share in the vision of something new.

Designing a Contextual Brand

The world is going contextual, there’s no doubt about it. Google Glass, mailbe.at and Aether Cone are just a few examples of how technology is now focused on delivering content based on our interests, habits, time and surroundings. Our very own EverythingMe Launcher actually turns your Android into a phone that delivers apps, people and information you need, right when you need them, every time you pick it up. Months ago, we decided that it’s time to align our visual branding and messaging to our product. The world of visual branding, however, has its own rules and prejudices in the form of do’s and don’ts for designers. This challenge led us on an exciting journey of creating a truly contextual brand identity for our launcher.

EverythingMe logo

InContext 2014 – Recap, Videos and More

InContext 2014
Last week in San Francisco, EverythingMe hosted InContext 2014, the first conference dedicated to contextual mobile devices.

The sold out event which was attended by executives across the Internet and Mobile industries, drilled down into the most relevant aspects of the contextual space.

Mozilla and EverythingMe Announce ‘Firefox Launcher’ at InContext 2014

Our good friends at Mozilla announced yesterday on-stage at InContext2014.com that they will be releasing Firefox Launcher – an android launcher powered by EverythingMe’s technology:

“We’re working together to deliver the best mobile Web experience to people everywhere – regardless of location, platform or device. We are happy to expand our work together with this new product to give people more smart, easy and innovative ways to personalize their Web experience and meet their needs in any context.”

Firefox Launcher Screenshot
We are proud of our ongoing relationship with Mozilla and of our part in Firefox OS and Firefox Launcher.

We are working together on the product now, and we’ll share more information when ready.

Out of Beta and Into Context

Last year, we launched Everything.me, our Android launcher into beta. Nine months and 2 million downloads later, we are emerging from beta with a new look and a more focused promise – to deliver the right apps, people and information to your homescreen, every time you pick up your phone. We reached our goal to become the world’s first fully contextual mobile interface, and now we’re ready to share it with the world.


Why Is Twitter More Important To You Than Your Mom?

If you judged people by their homescreens, you’d conclude that most of us care more about our apps than about the important people in our lives.

Our phones are a means of communication between people. In fact, phone calls and messaging are still two of the most common ways we use our phones. We’ve gotten so used to the idea that there’s an app for everything, that we take it for granted that there’s an app for calling people. If you stop and think about it, your people should be just as central a part of your phone as your apps. Why hide them in the phone app when you can give them the place they deserve on your homescreen?

Once You Go Contextual, You Can Never Go Back


Photo credit: Wilhelm Lappe

I’m sitting on a plane, en-route to Paris. It’s one of the older, smaller planes where there is no personal entertainment system in front of each seat, but a central system with a small screen every 3 rows or so. I finished my book, I’ve eaten what I could from the dinner they served, I worked for a bit, and now I’m staring aimlessly at that little screen just as the weather report starts.

I watch with anticipation, wondering if by any chance they will give us the forecast for Paris. And they don’t. They give a detailed forecast for our point of origin followed by the current temperatures for a long list of cities around the world.

Well, what a context-less plane.

Everything at Your Fingertips

Today we’re delighted to announce the rolling out of two new features in Everything Home that get everything even closer to your fingertips! Let me walk you through them:

It’s A Small World After All

If you walk around our office and ask the people you meet what they like most about working here you’ll get all kinds of answers, but most of them will boil down to the same thing – it’s the atmosphere. A company culture that rewards creative, brilliant and opinionated people, and promotes a “people over process” approach to management creates a very specific workplace. This is a place where ideas – brilliant, goofy, crazy, stupid – are constantly tossed around and trivial conversations tend to veer into really weird directions. And that’s exactly how we like it.

One Million Downloads, One Dynamic Leap for Phonekind

Last week we’ve hit the 1 million downloads mark of Everything Home. All around the office, eyes were averted from screens, hands stopped typing code, and coffee cups were raised in salute.

The last few months have been a thrilling ride for us. We’ve learned much more than we anticipated when we released the beta in mid April with high hopes for a few thousand downloads. We’ve discovered an amazingly engaged and supportive community of users, we’ve realized many surprising things about our product, and we put countless hours into making it better and better as fast as possible, to answer our users’ needs and demand.

While we are already looking ahead to the next milestones, we figured this would be a great opportunity to pause for a second and thank all of you, our truly fantastic community of users, for making all of this possible.