Exciting times at Everything.me!

For those of you who have been living under a rock in the past 1.5 days, here’s the gist of it – Firefox + Everything.me = Big Love! Yesterday at the 2013 MWC our BFFs in crime – Mozilla – have presented the world’s first “Open Web Device” operating system – Firefox OS and Everything.me (that’s us) has a leading role in it!

Everything.me is deeply integrated in Firefox OS. Just swipe to the left from the phone’s homescreen, and a world of HTML5 mobile apps opens up for you. “What I’m going to show is something we’re building that really breaks down the walls between the web and apps” said Jay Sullivan, SVP products at Firefox, in his Firefox OS official MWC demo. “…Deep contextual search that will take you to the exact content you want instead of just generic apps in the same category” says the official Firefox OS press release.


With Firefox OS and Everything.me, your phone is no longer limited to the few apps that you’ve already downloaded in the past. It isn’t even limited to the apps you know. Just type in whatever is on your mind, be it a movie you’ve just watched or a dish you’re craving for dinner, and we’ll get you the right apps with the right content, right there, no download required. That’s why we started Everything.me, and we are happy to have found this strategic partnership with Mozilla.

Here’s some more coverage on this:

Along with the now public Firefox OS collaboration, we’ll keep pushing forward our other products – for iOS and Android. More about these – in the future.

Did we mention we’re hiring?

If you’ve got the skillz and wanna come build mobile awesomeness with us, check out our Jobs section, not only will you have fun, we’ll pay you to do so.

Until next time.