Congratulations! It’s a Beta!

In case you’ve missed it, a couple of weeks ago we’ve released the beta of our Home  Launcher for Android. It was a silent release, or at least it was meant to be.

A smart man once said “If you aren’t ashamed of your product, you’ve shipped too late,” so we shipped it and were ready to be embarrassed and schooled, low scale style– the plan was to bring in up to 3,000 users in the first month.

As a rule, we try not to assume anything when it comes to users’ behavior, that’s why we were dying to know what real people would do with it; so we stood there waiting, watching as users started piling up.

Two weeks later, a drop under 50,000 downloads, 680 feedback e-mails, and over 500 reviews, we can say for sure – we didn’t see this coming.

The Android community is doing what a strong open source community does – they are giving it a try. Being familiar with the concept of reviewing and sending valuable feedback they (you?) have been the best beta testers a start-up can ask for.

The feedback, the reviews on Play Store and the things people wrote about us across the web are all helping us improve – and this is why we started a beta in the first place.

So YES. The Home – Dynamic Phone (beta) is on @ Google Play Store and you are most welcome to give it a go*.

* This is still beta so it’s currently limited to android 4.0 and up, and in US and Canada only. We are going global– sooner than you’d think, later than we wish.

  • Pascal PORTIER

    Wow, just tested you app.
    Please notify widely when it will be available in other languages (French please) !

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  • Alvin Laney

    I use till this day its awesome and i will spread this. .. good luck!

  • Shailesh Tripathi

    Hi, Social media to me is like a current in electricity It energizes the whole world to be one. Thanks for sharing a nice post. I use this site to promote every pages of your website on Facebook Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • sam

    Very very intriguing….

  • Robert

    Hurry up with the UK

  • Dominique Higgins

    Besides being slow to load up home screen, I love it! Its sooooo innovative and creative! I love the instant wallpaper and apps for easy access to my searches. Its wonderful! Great job!!

  • rundell mauge

    Good job. I use it everyday . 100% better than facebook home and I use it on the facebook phone

  • Collene Fristoe

    This app is awesom!!! I love it, It eliminates unnecessary downloads of single apps… and saves storage space… # keepitcoming

  • tabletuser

    Can’t install on Hisense Zero 7 Pro 4.2.1, MK808B 4.1.2, U1A Uhost 4.0.1, B&N Nook CM10 or LG Spectrum. Any other requirements?

  • Anita

    Just downloaded it for my galaxy 2 and must say, I like it very much. Makes my phone feel new and up to date. With the app I now I don’t even feel the need to upgrade my phone :)

  • Tim

    I really like it but there is one thing I can’t figure out. On my normal HTC home screen I can put icons to quickly change between vibrate/silent/ring, turn on/off wi-fi, turn on/off gps, etc. I’m not very technically savvy. Is there a way to put these on Everything?

  • Collene Fristoe

    This app is bomb diggty!!! Works well, Runs smoothly. .. great job, I’m ready for the next one…

  • shakkers

    Have to say is the best thing to happen to my phone since I got it last yr, I have an S3 & it works a treat, I have also converted about 10 other people to switch as well now, looking forward to more good things

  • Cisco

    This is a great app! Now we can have what we want on our phones and not what the companies force us to have! I really like this app, and I showed it my lady….she likes it as well! I’m ready for the next step!

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  • Harsh Chotalia

    i downloaded this app adn when i seached skyfall it isnot showing the aps which launcher should sow but instead it is stuck on the wallpaper of skyfall n then i have to come back n the same home screen of launcher comes i eant that apps acoording to the search