Out of Beta and Into Context

Last year, we launched Everything.me, our Android launcher into beta. Nine months and 2 million downloads later, we are emerging from beta with a new look and a more focused promise – to deliver the right apps, people and information to your homescreen, every time you pick up your phone. We reached our goal to become the world’s first fully contextual mobile interface, and now we’re ready to share it with the world.


What We Have Learned

Over the past months, we learned many valuable lessons, thanks to our loyal users and enthusiastically dedicated group of beta testers. We learned that people love it when they simply find what they need, when they need it. They love finding the right apps, contacts and info on their homescreen at the right time, in the right place. We also learned that people still use their smartphones primarily to communicate with one another, and that our friends and family should never be more than a tap or two away.

It was also very clear that creating a mobile interface that understands your needs at any given context is a formidable engineering challenge – one that we are uniquely positioned to tackle. We now feel that we don’t need the training wheels any more. We’ve taken contextual mobile technology to a whole new level, we have an amazing user experience and technology in place and we are ready to go. It’s time to spread our wings, and fly.

What’s New?

EverythingMe is the first fully contextual launcher for the Android operating system. By taking into account the day, the time, your location, your interests and more, EverythingMe makes sure that the right apps, contacts and info are always at your fingertips.You’ll have the perfect phone, every time. We created a short video that explains this concept. To learn more about the 3 main features of the new EverythingMe: the Prediction Bar, the Smart Folders™, and the revamped In-Phone Search, you can check out our brand new website.

Among the countless improvements, we have made our Smart Folders even smarter. For example, we’ve upgraded the “Around Me” folder to appear automatically when you visit a new place, and show you things like restaurants, transportation and shops that are nearby. You’ll find a collection of apps in there that are super-useful in your current surroundings, including apps you already have on your phone and a bunch of new ones for you to discover.

We created the fastest, most personalized in-phone Android search tool. Type just one letter into the search bar and find contacts, web results and apps on your phone and from the web. The speed really is incredible, but it’s the personalized results that’ll blow your mind. Let’s say you type “M”. You’ll get Mom’s phone number or your messaging app first – whichever you use most. Finding stuff on your phone has literally, never been more effortless.

All these great features, and dozens more, come in a shiny new package complete with an improved UX, full-screen Smart Folders, better background image handling, and an all around rebranding of our look and feel.

Oh, and we lost the dot. From now on, it’s simply EverythingMe.
Download it here.